Welcome State Senate District 53!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

November 6 is around the corner, and the excitement is building!

I am grateful for the support and help from many volunteers and fellow DFLers as we work together to fight for our core values!

In recent months, I have been out in the neighborhoods of Maplewood, Oakdale, Landfall and Woodbury.  Having knocked on thousands of doors and attended many community events, I have had the privilege of speaking with many of you and hearing first-hand your thoughts about our district and our state.  Many of us share very similar concerns, and a wish that our legislature would return its focus to the issues that matter to most of us:  jobs, the economy, and education.  There is widespread recognition that we need to get past distractions and focus on the areas that will lead us toward a strong future.

The other thing I hear loud and clear?  Put people over ideologies.  Our elected leaders are supposed to represent people, not platforms.  Constituents of all parties, not just our own.  I share a deep desire that our legislature work together to build solutions.  In my life — both in my professional career as well as my work in the community — I have always found that when all are willing to listen to each other, to actively seek common ground, that shared visions can guide the way to compromise.

Over the remaining weeks before the November 6 election, I will continue to visit all areas of our district, and I truly hope we will have the chance to connect.

Please contact me with any questions at susan@susankentforsenate.com or at 1.651.301.8003.  (If using a landline, please dial 1-651).

Looking forward to getting to know each other, and I will be grateful for your support on November 6.

Susan Kent

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 251025, Woodbury, MN 55125